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We're Back - Casa.'s Brand New Space.
November 09, 2022 — Tessa Riseley
Why Pima?

Why Pima?

If you’re a fan of Casa already or, if you’re a newbie to our stuff we’ll forgive you for wondering what is this Pima thing we keep banging on about, and why do we use it?

Originating from Peru, Pima cotton is an extra-long staple cotton which means that the individual fibres that make up the cotton are at least 50% longer in length than standard cotton. This means that fibres can be spun with fewer ends exposed creating a silkier, luxurious fabric that is pill resistant and holds it shape due to its strength.  

As you can probably guess this is why we chose Pima for our clothes. We wanted a fabric that was high quality and reliable – something we can buy tomorrow and wear again in 5 years!


As it can only be grown in warmer climates, Pima is grown predominately in America, Australia and Peru – where ours is grown – as it prefers hot or mild, dry climates. Due to the rarity of growth, Pima is usually more expensive than normal cotton. 

The Pima that we use is 100% handpicked because we want to make sure that it is the absolute best. All our collections are designed right here in Melbourne, to make sure that we are making garments that are on trend and in season. 

Got any more questions? Click through here, or pop into any of our stores and have a chat. 

Over & out,

The Casa team 

September 24, 2018 — Lou Knight
“Become a polished man” : YGAP

“Become a polished man” : YGAP

Bet you’re wondering why a bunch of well dressed, respectable and handsome (my business partner made me say that) men are getting round with one fingernail adorned in nail polish.

Well, wonder no more. We are pleased to play a small part in the amazing initiative by YGAP in raising awareness to the one in five children who are subject to physical and sexual abuse in the home, globally. This one nail painted represents that one child who suffers domestic violence. The idea came about through CEO Elliot Costello’s experiences in Cambodia and has Australian campaign leaders such as Olympian Michael Klim, actor Gyton Grantley and AFL stars Jobe Watson and Josh Gibson putting their names to the issue.


We were honored to be asked to join the conversation with our Brand Manager Tom Langford representing the labels as one of the local ambassadors to this incredible program. Contributing our Pima cotton basics that have been printed with YGAP’s message and logo has been our input as well as the inclusion of our retail store (232 Chapel Street, Prahran) where you can head in to purchase your nail polish and branded YGAP apparel. We also give a 30% discount on our menswear to those who purchase Polished Man merchandise as our way of thanking you for showing support.


Head over to the site (click this link, obviously) to sign up to fundraise or simply donate to the cause and start the conversation by painting one of your fingernails in support of this heart wrenching issue.



July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll
Babies+ Basics; Taking 5 with blogger Ina Odak from Rosetaupe

Babies+ Basics; Taking 5 with blogger Ina Odak from Rosetaupe

Because, when you’re a mother (and blogger) you’re always on the go. From messy coffee dates to playdough infused car seats; your lifestyle changes and practicality reigns supreme. This means your outfit choices have to be flexible and functional and yet (if you’re anything like Ina) still maintain an essence of fashionable.
We all remember previous life’s treasures. They’re hanging gracefully in your wardrobe like the bones of times past. Sequin dresses that catch within a metre radius of contact, luxurious wool coats that tell stories of European winters gone by and sky high heels that incite migraines simply trying to remember a time you could walk in them. They smell of dry-cleaning bags and mothball scented tags, and they each know their time is nigh as Final Destination looms near: The Charity Bin.

All except the basics. And by basics – we mean our Casa Kuma basics, obviously.

We chatted to one of the fastest growing blogger-mum’s in the Australian social media realm – Ina Odak from www.rosetaupe.com.au/ about all things wardrobe and her go-to pieces from our latest Winter collection.
CK: Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in design.
IO: Well, I actually don’t have a background in design, LOL. I have a Business/Psych undergrad degrees + an MBA. My background is working largely in HR for large professional services firms, both in Australia and Asia. My creativity, and love of fashion, led me towards blogging/styling and I have been fortunate enough to pursue this freelance on the side. It makes me very busy (especially since I also have a 5 month old!) but I absolutely love it and if you are truly passionate about something, you will always make the time… usually at the expense of sleep for me these days!
CK: As a blogger and a mum, what are the three most important features in a basics range?
IO: For me, my whole wardrobe is build around basics. The 3 most important features are functionality, quality + design. I want my basics to be comfortable and long lasting but also seamlessly complete various outfits and pull together different outfits with great design. The perfect white tee can be the linchpin of your whole wardrobe.
CK: When dressing for a day with Luka, what are your wardrobe go-to pieces?
IO: Again, functionality is important when I’m running around with the little man but I still like to stay true to my personal style and look my best (sometimes with vomit stains down my shoulder!). My go-to-pieces are tees (short + long sleeve), denim, oversize knits + longline cardi’s for Winter and white sneakers. Both Luka and I love a beanie and the Casa Kuma ones are my fave 
CK: What three key words signify your personal style and why?
IO: Minimalist, functional, streetstyle – beautiful basics brought together with timeless, elegant pieces and on trend designs.
CK: As a blogger you’re always on the look out for new brands and ideas, tell us your impression of our women’s range Casa Kuma?
IO: LOVE. The Casa Kuma range really speaks to the important features of great basics I talked about above. I think the other core element of a great basic is layering and I think Casa Kuma does that better than anyone else in the market… the Teardrop Tee’s for example are layering heaven. I also appreciate the quality of the 100% Pima cotton – it wears/washes so well and is soft with a great silhouette. The AW15 range is amazing – loving the beanies + the knits … the Two Tone Knit is my fave, so stay tuned for a collaboration post!Follow Ina on Instagram and read her blog posts too, obviously.
July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll
232 Chapel Street Prahran Vic 3181

232 Chapel Street Prahran Vic 3181



Ah shieet… Well now we’ve really done it. Our very first CASA X AMUK Concept Store is finally open and showcasing both our brands pretty bloody eloquently, we think.


In the days where retail is a hard game and interior space is a competitive beast we took this challenge to design a space that can be ever-changing.


Using unusual materials such as leather and brass parrot clips this space was designed to be changed numerous times in a season, invigorating a new sense of excitement in customers each visit and crafting eye-catching details for newcomers.


By installing a ceiling framework of cabinet handles and custom made leather belt-like contraptions the walls are a flexible and mobile example of altering spacial experiences to display our simple and classic designs each month.


Working around the clock we built this with the help of some of our best friends and support network, experimenting with ideas and growing new ones in the process. Mega props to those who supplied coffees, chats and opinions – not to mention their long and grubby hours of sanding and cleaning in aid of our venture.

You know who you are.


Shout outs to Peter our custom-leather maker who tolerated many an hour with our Creative Director and her visions, Daniel our wicked-good builder and his team of merry men, Lazza for lighting up our lives and our store and the friendly staff at Bunning’s who were always there with helpful hints,
even if it were three visits a day…  YOU RULE.

July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll


As always, the best critiques of your work are your peers. Except when your peers are as knowledgable and educated as these two.


Dean and Annika are the duo behind The Grey Attic, (www.thegreyattic.com.au) a new online editorial for all things fashion and style. We don’t give out too many props – but these guys just seem to have it all covered. From aesthetic to vocabulary they know what’s what when it comes to Fashion. So, when they asked to review our collection and ultimately style a menswear shoot with our latest range – we were admittedly rather nervous.
As it turns out, they loved it just as much as you’re going to. You can suss out Dean’s well written opinions here and have a peek at their shoot for yourselves.


While you’re at it, let our Five Minute Feature entertain you below.


Q&A with D+A [ the Grey attic ]

#1. When it comes to the perfect wardrobe what are the key pieces you can’t live without?

D: Basics in a neutral pallet, well-tailored pants and a structured jacket.

A: Tailored pants, a white button up shirt, and lots of black. Oh and brogues


#2. You’ve each developed your own style but they seem to compliment each other, who/what influences your fashion choices? 

D: I’m constantly influenced by the personal style of Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto and I love the idea of uniform dressing, so it’s usually very simple and minimal. Annika and I both really love black, white and grey, so we usually end up complimenting each other by default, which actually works out really well. But I think a lot of our inspirations are also similar, which makes its easy to style our looks together.

A: We’re both really influenced by and drawn to slightly undone tailoring and subtle structures and I really love menswear on women so I think that helps our looks to compliment each other, but it’s never really intentional. I think a lot of the time we end up complimenting each other, purely because we both only really ever wear neutrals. In terms of personal style influences, I’ve always been drawn to the effortlessness of parisienne women, Jane Birkin, Caroline de Maigret and then off duty models and MK Olsen are also big ones for me.


#3. When you first walk into a retail space – what is the first thing you look for in the store/brand? 

D: The layout and aesthetic of the space. If I don’t feel comfortable in the store, I will more often than not walk out within the first couple of minutes. I love to be able to walk around a store and feel like I can really interact and engage with the stock, it’s got to be accessible… and neat!

A: I scan the stock straight away from a distance and usually decide then and there if I’m going to make the commitment of stepping in further to review the racks. I’m not going to lie if I see a whole lot of colours and prints I’m usually outta there. Haha! Also its nice when there are some living plants in the space and a candle burning.


#4. You guys do a bit of travelling, when you’re packing for a get away what are the first things to go in the suitcase? 

D: The camera! And then books haha!

A: Ahhh magazines and shoes, only because they’re the bulkiest so need to go on the bottom.

D: She’s completely OCD with packing!!


#5. Who takes longer to get ready? ;)

D: Annika for sure!!

A: Dean! Haha no usually me! But Dean pretends he’s ready right up until the last minute and then he’ll re-do everything or change his clothes and then I’m left waiting haha!

July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll
The ten item wardrobe

The ten item wardrobe

We’re super passionate about combating the war on waste coming from the fast fashion industries – it’s one of our main objectives. And we’ve come across a concept that fuels our fire even more; *drum roll please* … The Ten Item Wardrobe.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing movement, it’s definitely worth your time. Built on a Parisian concept, this minimalist movement favours a wardrobe with good quality products that build on your personal style and complement each other seamlessly.
A wardrobe that is styled especially to you with fit and coordination in mind – almost sounds too good to be true right? Implementing the Ten Item Wardrobe means you can save time debating what to  wear and enjoy that morning coffee just a little longer. What’s not to love?

The Ten Item Wardrobe combats our War on Waste and the fast fashion industries by encouraging high quality products that you come to love and rely on.

We believe you’re your best self when you’re dressed in flattering, comfortable clothes. Our ethos is: if you don’t feel good, you don’t look good. So we’re here to help you get the ULTIMATE minimalist wardrobe, providing you with the best quality basics that are made from the world’s most durable cotton in the world – Pima Cotton.

Get ready to be inspired to strip back your wardrobe and get a good set of basics that can take you from work to play, packed for your weekend getaway and thrown in a suitcase to fly halfway around the world.

Have a squizz at the video here!



July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll
Comfort reigns supreme

Comfort reigns supreme

Sweatshirts, sneakers and the ever comfortable jersey or cotton pant have made their way into our everyday wardrobes proving to be a staple for the athletic-inspired and casual-cool daily essentials… And we are STOKED.

Because, let’s be honest, as much as we love dressing up, we REALLY love dressing down. Which brings us to our point: casual pants. Half comfort, half chic. Styled well, casual cotton pants (such as our Multi Panel Dropcrotch Pant) can take you from post-yoga coffee, to work and out to the street again.

Not sure how to pull off wearing your comfiest pants out the house? We have your back. Read on for some creative style hints and let’s make comfort the new black.

Grab a denim jacket or a longline coat and some layers and you’ll never look back.


Besides, there’s always the option to wear as many dark colours as possible, letting your cotton pants serve as a variation. All black?? How very Melbourne of you..

Black jogger pants, a t-shirt or a knitted jumper with a vintage denim jacket and crisp white sneakers. Ultimate comfort for meetings at your favourite coffee shop.

Need some extra layering for the winter chill? We hear you. Jersey casual pants, knits, oversized scarves and beanies. Wrapped up with a long-line coat. What’s not to love, right?

Want to change it up with a little less black? Get layering with some white, grey, beige and blush tones.

We believe you are at your best when you are the most comfortable. Therefore: comfort = confidence. So bring the comfort back into your wardrobe but don’t forget the athleisure chic.

July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll
Three young Aussies; Two Peruvian Factories; One vision

Three young Aussies; Two Peruvian Factories; One vision

“THREE Young Aussies; TWO Peruvian Factories; ONE Vision.”

“Started in Melbourne, Australia this is an owner-operator business run by three young Aussie entrepreneurs with a vision.” 
So, this was a bit cute. We don’t usually share the faces behind our business but this little snap was too fun not to post. Having recently opened the doors to American distribution we sat down and chatted about all things work in the hope to shed some light as to who we are, and what we stand for. Have a read and hopefully we inspire you to go out and live out your dreams too.
What did you set out to achieve and why?
TC: “We saw a gap in the market for fashion essentials and conceptual basics that stood up to the fashion giants of the world.”
DH: “Basically we aim to provide top quality garments at affordable prices, which means you can enjoy wearing our apparel, as much as we do.”
What inspired you to be a part of the Fashion industry?
TC: “For me, to be honest, the best bit about our industry is our current generation’s kickback against chain retailers. It’s exciting and fun as most of our friends have their own businesses too so we choose to support them, just as they support us.”
TL: “Our industry is a tough one, and realistically we each chose this path because we’re passionate about apparel and more importantly basics or every day wear. (In this light) we’d hope you choose to buy from us rather than the mass produced fashion giants of the world who are at risk of burying Australian fashion.”
IN A MARKET so flooded with basics we do our best to stand out.
Using 100% Handpicked Pima Cotton, found only in the rugged terrains of Perú we have developed our ranges with Quality and Fit as our founding features. As such we aim to provide you with top quality garments at affordable prices so that you can enjoy wearing our cotton, as much as we do.
Being a young trio with a love for lifestyle wear you know this has come from a place with small hands and big dreams. Specialising in our fields we each have complementary roles in the Design, Sale and Production of our ranges. Our vision is to create a lifestyle brand you can rely on and relate to, built on the ethos of young Australian entrepreneurs; supporting local businesses and retailers alike.

“We’d hope you choose to buy from us rather than the mass produced fashion giants of the world who are at risk of burying Australian fashion.”

Tom Langford, Brand Manager.

Pop in to our flagship store (232 Chapel St, Prahran) to see what we’re banging on about.
July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll