Ah shieet… Well now we’ve really done it. Our very first CASA X AMUK Concept Store is finally open and showcasing both our brands pretty bloody eloquently, we think.


In the days where retail is a hard game and interior space is a competitive beast we took this challenge to design a space that can be ever-changing.


Using unusual materials such as leather and brass parrot clips this space was designed to be changed numerous times in a season, invigorating a new sense of excitement in customers each visit and crafting eye-catching details for newcomers.


By installing a ceiling framework of cabinet handles and custom made leather belt-like contraptions the walls are a flexible and mobile example of altering spacial experiences to display our simple and classic designs each month.


Working around the clock we built this with the help of some of our best friends and support network, experimenting with ideas and growing new ones in the process. Mega props to those who supplied coffees, chats and opinions – not to mention their long and grubby hours of sanding and cleaning in aid of our venture.

You know who you are.


Shout outs to Peter our custom-leather maker who tolerated many an hour with our Creative Director and her visions, Daniel our wicked-good builder and his team of merry men, Lazza for lighting up our lives and our store and the friendly staff at Bunning’s who were always there with helpful hints,
even if it were three visits a day…  YOU RULE.

July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll