As always, the best critiques of your work are your peers. Except when your peers are as knowledgable and educated as these two.


Dean and Annika are the duo behind The Grey Attic, ( a new online editorial for all things fashion and style. We don’t give out too many props – but these guys just seem to have it all covered. From aesthetic to vocabulary they know what’s what when it comes to Fashion. So, when they asked to review our collection and ultimately style a menswear shoot with our latest range – we were admittedly rather nervous.
As it turns out, they loved it just as much as you’re going to. You can suss out Dean’s well written opinions here and have a peek at their shoot for yourselves.


While you’re at it, let our Five Minute Feature entertain you below.


Q&A with D+A [ the Grey attic ]

#1. When it comes to the perfect wardrobe what are the key pieces you can’t live without?

D: Basics in a neutral pallet, well-tailored pants and a structured jacket.

A: Tailored pants, a white button up shirt, and lots of black. Oh and brogues


#2. You’ve each developed your own style but they seem to compliment each other, who/what influences your fashion choices? 

D: I’m constantly influenced by the personal style of Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto and I love the idea of uniform dressing, so it’s usually very simple and minimal. Annika and I both really love black, white and grey, so we usually end up complimenting each other by default, which actually works out really well. But I think a lot of our inspirations are also similar, which makes its easy to style our looks together.

A: We’re both really influenced by and drawn to slightly undone tailoring and subtle structures and I really love menswear on women so I think that helps our looks to compliment each other, but it’s never really intentional. I think a lot of the time we end up complimenting each other, purely because we both only really ever wear neutrals. In terms of personal style influences, I’ve always been drawn to the effortlessness of parisienne women, Jane Birkin, Caroline de Maigret and then off duty models and MK Olsen are also big ones for me.


#3. When you first walk into a retail space – what is the first thing you look for in the store/brand? 

D: The layout and aesthetic of the space. If I don’t feel comfortable in the store, I will more often than not walk out within the first couple of minutes. I love to be able to walk around a store and feel like I can really interact and engage with the stock, it’s got to be accessible… and neat!

A: I scan the stock straight away from a distance and usually decide then and there if I’m going to make the commitment of stepping in further to review the racks. I’m not going to lie if I see a whole lot of colours and prints I’m usually outta there. Haha! Also its nice when there are some living plants in the space and a candle burning.


#4. You guys do a bit of travelling, when you’re packing for a get away what are the first things to go in the suitcase? 

D: The camera! And then books haha!

A: Ahhh magazines and shoes, only because they’re the bulkiest so need to go on the bottom.

D: She’s completely OCD with packing!!


#5. Who takes longer to get ready? ;)

D: Annika for sure!!

A: Dean! Haha no usually me! But Dean pretends he’s ready right up until the last minute and then he’ll re-do everything or change his clothes and then I’m left waiting haha!

July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll