We’re super passionate about combating the war on waste coming from the fast fashion industries – it’s one of our main objectives. And we’ve come across a concept that fuels our fire even more; *drum roll please* … The Ten Item Wardrobe.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing movement, it’s definitely worth your time. Built on a Parisian concept, this minimalist movement favours a wardrobe with good quality products that build on your personal style and complement each other seamlessly.
A wardrobe that is styled especially to you with fit and coordination in mind – almost sounds too good to be true right? Implementing the Ten Item Wardrobe means you can save time debating what to  wear and enjoy that morning coffee just a little longer. What’s not to love?

The Ten Item Wardrobe combats our War on Waste and the fast fashion industries by encouraging high quality products that you come to love and rely on.

We believe you’re your best self when you’re dressed in flattering, comfortable clothes. Our ethos is: if you don’t feel good, you don’t look good. So we’re here to help you get the ULTIMATE minimalist wardrobe, providing you with the best quality basics that are made from the world’s most durable cotton in the world – Pima Cotton.

Get ready to be inspired to strip back your wardrobe and get a good set of basics that can take you from work to play, packed for your weekend getaway and thrown in a suitcase to fly halfway around the world.

Have a squizz at the video here!



July 03, 2018 — Tessa Carroll