If you’re a fan of Casa already or, if you’re a newbie to our stuff we’ll forgive you for wondering what is this Pima thing we keep banging on about, and why do we use it?

Originating from Peru, Pima cotton is an extra-long staple cotton which means that the individual fibres that make up the cotton are at least 50% longer in length than standard cotton. This means that fibres can be spun with fewer ends exposed creating a silkier, luxurious fabric that is pill resistant and holds it shape due to its strength.  

As you can probably guess this is why we chose Pima for our clothes. We wanted a fabric that was high quality and reliable – something we can buy tomorrow and wear again in 5 years!


As it can only be grown in warmer climates, Pima is grown predominately in America, Australia and Peru – where ours is grown – as it prefers hot or mild, dry climates. Due to the rarity of growth, Pima is usually more expensive than normal cotton. 

The Pima that we use is 100% handpicked because we want to make sure that it is the absolute best. All our collections are designed right here in Melbourne, to make sure that we are making garments that are on trend and in season. 

Got any more questions? Click through here, or pop into any of our stores and have a chat. 

Over & out,

The Casa team 

September 24, 2018 — Lou Knight