Firstly, what is ‘slow fashion’?

Slow Fashion is a concept that considers the processes of designing and creating garments for quality and longevity.

It involves a implementing a combination of ethical production, ecologically minded construction & long-lasting design.


What processes do we undertake to strive towards this?

Instead of chasing trends we utilise a combination of core layering garments and trans seasonal pieces.

This means we aim to develop pieces that are versatile, classic and timeless. We create clothing that is constructed to withstand, meaning a garment that will last longer, and perform better. In interim, reducing the need for a consumer to purchase and dispose on a regular basis.

Natural fibres (primarily cotton) are the heart of our brand. These fibres combined with mindful manufacturing and design ensure our garments are durable enough to survive multiple seasons and gentle enough to keep our environmental impact low.


Ethical Production;

Whilst slow fashion goes well beyond just picking an ethical factory, we pride ourselves on the manufacturers we partner with. We encourage slower production schedules, fair working conditions and ideally zero waste when possible.

Our choice to only use natural fibres, local artisans and family owned factories aims to advocate for manufacturing in respect towards people and the environment. Essentially, we strive to provide value to both consumers and producers.